Tuesday, October 2, 2007

New beginnings

This week marks a couple of new beginnings for me, which I am excited about. New apartment, new month, a mostly empty calendar for October which I am looking forward to filling up with play dates, selected work assignments & picnic lunches in this gorgeous fall weather.

This month I am looking forward to:

  • unpacking boxes, setting up a new home, simplifying everything around me
  • decorating my little girl's room with patterns and colors
  • walks during the chilly October mornings
  • Sunday breakfasts with something new to try out
  • taking more photos
  • finishing the first one's album & scrapbook before the second one arrives
  • finding a halloween costume for the girl and making little treats for the toddlers (and grown ups)
  • doing more creative activities with my little girl - painting, crafting - for the very first time
  • setting up my own little home office/space where I can escape to when mommy just needs some time out


London Mummy said...

That sounds just about perfect. I love the weather when you can almost smell the crispness in the air.

Best of luck with all your unpacking :)

mars said...

playdates & treats. too fun.
we too have to find the little one a costume as the one i got her wont fit her untill next yr.

cant wait to see you.

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