Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy Mail Days

I think one of the best pick-me-ups after a long day is finding something fun in your mailbox. I've been lucky enough to have some of these this month:

My lovely swap package that arrived from Vancouver. This was for a Fall swap that I put together, with a group of only 4. It was my first time and lots of fun to see everyone's creative ideas.

I won a giveaway on Apartment Therapy's Nursery site and was so excited to get this package from artist Leeza Hernandez, who has designed this pad. It's a cute little notebook with a mix of differently designed pages - lined, blank, or both on one page. Just perfect for everyday thoughts and scribbles. It came along with a pack of colorful Sharpies and small samples of Leeza's art.
Check her out work here.

A pack of 3 beautiful hand printed cards arrived last night, from a giveaway at London Mummy (I was on a roll this month - two giveaways! My husband thinks I should play the lottery now...) Thank you Esther, this was really generous of you. They are so pretty. I'm going to frame two and give one to a friend who I'm sure will end up framing or putting it up somewhere too. The cards are from Seed Prints, where you can find all sorts of gorgeous designs on recycled paper and card.

My Toddler's Lunchbox

Having a toddler who is a fussy eater more often than not, I quite liked looking at My Toddler's Lunchbox, a blog that showcases different lunches that a couple pack for their toddler every day. Some great ideas for healthy, non sugary snacks.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Is it me suddenly taking notice or has gift wrap just become lovelier than ever? I mean, some of it is just pretty enough to frame. I love how wrapping paper can have so many more creative uses than just to wrap up a gift. I've used some lovely gift wrap from paperchase to cover up an old canvas and make a bulletin board for my daughter's room.

Pictured here is Jacqueline Gift wrap from Erin Ruth's online etsy store (link via Print & Pattern)


Keeping it all together

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So I've been missing in action around here lately. Well there's one thing I've learnt for sure, and that is - as a mom I can never expect my day to go according to plan. It all depends on how the little one is feeling and how her day is going. I think on most days, just getting stuff crossed off my daily to do list is a good enough feeling for me. These days I'm trying to get my life as organized as possible and that includes keeping my daily lists and scribbles organized. Usually I have journals/notebooks scattered all over the place and in various handbags but after finding this cute trio of notebooks I've managed to keep my daily to do's somewhat in order. PDA's just don't work for me. I need to write, scribble, make quick notes all the time!

How do you organize your day? What do you use to make your life and lists a little easier?

Around town

*I came across this cute store in Cary the other day: The Pink Alli. It's a new lovely little place full of things that will make perfect gifts for weddings, babies, showers etc etc. You can even find fun little pieces for your own home.

*Mars tipped me to go check out the Middle Eastern food at Neomonde. The food was great but the dessert, divine! Will go back again and again for their pistachio baklava.

Friday, November 2, 2007

New things

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It's a new month and there are a couple of new things I'm taking part in that I've wanted to do for a really long time: participate in a swap and be part of a book club...

Ever since I read about creative, crafty swaps on blogs, I've been eager to be part of one myself. But every time I came across one, it was either out of my league (I can't knit or sew or...) or it was too late to sign up. So a couple of weeks ago I decided to organize my own little swap (the idea was to be inspired by the colors of Fall), let a few friends know about it and was excited when they agreed to be part of it. Yesterday I sent off my package to my swap partner in Vancouver... I really hope she'll like it! More photos to come soon of the other swaps sent and received.

And the book club. Well ever since I read Reading Lolita in Tehran and then later The Jane Austen Book Club, I have wanted to be part of one myself. Reading fiction is one of my passions and I'm lucky that I often get to be paid for it professionally, but nothing beats sitting with a group of people and discussing a really good novel as it unfolds. The club is kicking off with Love in the Time of Cholera, just in time for the film adaptation that will be released this month as well. I got my copy of the book yesterday and can't wait to start reading it next week, once I've wrapped a few other things up.

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